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The REGENO GmbH: innovative, competent, preventive - medical products from experts for experts.

Germ reduction up to 99.9% even with multi-resistant germs. Accelerated wound healing, painless, short treatment and lasting effects. Our customers report groundbreaking results!

Plasma Liquid is comparable to the revolutionary physical cold plasma and has the same fantastic features: 99.9% germ reduction of all relevant germs, including MRS.

CNC coldPLASMA is a minimal treatment - maximum effect brand new technology to stimulate natural skin regeneration. Cold plasma is medically researched for over six years. Groundbreaking successes are documented by studies.

Only for trained beauticians, naturopaths and doctors!

The unique range of REGENO GmbH offers highly effective patented technologies and products that are used in medicine and pain therapy.

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Nose Spray Gel

Wound Spray Gel

Wound Irrigation Solution

Mouth Irrigation Solution

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